Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Health benefits of World’s first fruit-Bananas

Bananas are most widely consumed fruits in the world.Some scientists believe that the banana may have even been the world’s first fruit. With the world consuming so many bananas, its unsurprising that people are asking the question: are bananas good for you? Health Benefits consuming Bananas; Blood pressure: Maintaining a low sodium intake is essential to lowering blood pressure, however …

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Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

Starting your day off with warm lemon water is thought to have a ton of health benefits – and it’s been an Ayurvedic practice for a long time. Read on to learn about the health benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. 1. Not only does the warm water help to stimulate the GI tract, but the …

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Health Benefit of Dandelion Root Tea

Lot of people consume more alcohol , which with no doubt put a lot of extra pressure on our liver. Enter dandelion root tea, which is great for detoxing the liver! Plus it has many other great benefits, such as: It improves digestion and aids weight loss. It eases congestion of the liver. It helps to purify the bladder and …

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It is a plant that grows in tropical areas in Central America and South America, especially in the Amazon. It is also known as soursop, GuanĂ¡bano, Catuche, Catoche, Anona Mexico, Graviola, Anona India, Mole. The fruit is very delicate dark green covered with soft spines. Is relatively large and very thin shell. Should be harvested before they mature. The flesh …

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Ginger mix with honey benefits

Ginger is a herb that is used as a spice and also for its therapeutic qualities. The underground stem (rhizome) can be used fresh, powdered, dried, or as an oil or juice. Ginger is part of the Zingiberaceae family, as are cardamom, turmeric and galangal. Honey is a sweet liquid produced by honey bees using nectar from flowers through a …

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