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Super herb “Nunum” and its health benefits

Super herb “Nunum” and its health benefits

Nigerians call it as Scent leaf (because of its aromatic nature), Cameroon traditional name is masepu, but in Ghana Nunum remains the all time commonest herb ever used by indigence, especially Ashantis and all Akans.

In Nigeria, scent leaf is common in all markets; Nigerians use it as a common vegetable in stew and soups. I love the way Nigerians prepare leafy vegetables stew/soups. They do not over-cook leafy-vegetables—they are added when the stew soup is already done. I am not surprised of the high population of Nigeria. Of course, ocimum is among the herbs that promote fertility and child bearing.

Almost every Ghanaian knows Nunum for its common use for “asa” (as Akans in Ghana call enema). Today modern practitioners condemn enema treatment, but people of this generation of junk foods need enema than any other generation. I am not surprised of the high rate of fibroids, menstrual disorders, fertility and gynecological complications among Ghanaian women, and neglect of “asa” has been the greatest cause of all this.

Grinding a few Nunum leaves with little or few cloves of garlic, mixed with lukewarm water and taken as enema, as first thing in the morning, at least, for every week is life. And mashing fresh leaves in water and drinking the resultant green juice repairs the lining membrane of the digestive tract, stops peptic ulcer, gastritis, constipation and piles;(hemorrhoids), colitis and helps in severe cancer cases. Its expectorant property helps cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other pulmonary diseases;

Health Benefits of Nunum

1. Reduce inflammation and swelling

2. Anti-aging properties

3. Rich in antioxidants

Sources: By Dr Atta K. Bonsu


  1. Lateef Nsesonkpa

    Bitter kola is good for the cure of ebola

  2. Is nunum, also known as Maseru good for treating white or vaginal discharges?

  3. please which herbs can i use in shrinking fibroid and treating pid

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