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The risk of stroke could decrease by eating fruits and vegetables

Stroke can be caused by an obstruction in the blood flow, or the rupture of an artery that feeds the brain. The patient may suddenly lose the ability to speak, there may be memory problems, or one side of the body can become paralyzed. There are two main types of stroke include ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke Ischemic stroke occurs ... Read More »

Change habit

You know the saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Well, my new saying is ‘Eat what you are’. Our bodies are made up of predominantly water and the following indicates exactly how this is so: • Saliva is 95 percent water • Blood is 90 percent water • Bone is 22 percent water • Lean muscle tissue is 75 percent ... Read More »

Rules of proper food combining

Do not eat fruit with any other food Protein and carbohydrate food should never be combined A leafy green salad should be eaten with any protein or carbohydrate or fat. Fats inhibit the digestion of protein. If you must have fat with a protein, eat a mixed vegetable salad, which will offset the inhibiting affect upon digestion. Healthy Eating You ... Read More »

Turkey berry health benefits

  It’s scientifically known as Solanum torvum is also known as Plate Brush, Devils Fig, Pea Eggplant, Bhankatiya, Pea Aubergine, Wild Eggplant, Gully Bean, Tekokak, Susumber, very common in Ghana. The Fante call it Kwahu nsusuwa, Ama dweridi ,Anona Ntroba or Yaa Asantewa, while the Gas call it Kantosi can be purchase at the market near you. Health Nutrient. Vitamin ... Read More »

Watermelon good for eliminating Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are created when minerals that normally float free within the kidneys combine into crystals. When this mineral waste overloads and the body has too little fluid – crystals develop on the inner surfaces of your kidneys Three types of kidney stones: 1.Calcium salts are the most common (75-85%) 2.Struvite or non-calcium containing crystals (10-15%) 3. Uric acid crystals ... Read More »

Bitter kola supper benefits

Bitter kola is mostly found in several parts of  West-Central Africa as a whole and the tree grows in the (tropical) rain forests. Its biological name is “Garcinia kola” and belongs to the family of “Guittiferal”. Bitter Kola has been identified as a potent antibiotic which could be effective in the treatment of many diseases. The fruit, seeds, nuts and ... Read More »

Health Benefits Lemongrass 2016

Lemongrass is actually a notable herb utilized in various kinds of Asian food, and could be obtained in numerous Asian markets as well as specialized foods stores within the west. Lemongrass features a soothing effect on the body, and is also well suited for those needing rest from the strains and stresses of the busy every day schedule. Additionally, it ... Read More »

Natural cure for Fibroid 2015

Fibroids are influenced by hormonal changes in the body, especially an abundance of estrogen, and because of that they can be successfully reduced or even eliminated by changes in your lifestyle. These lifestyle changes include: Diet Exercise Herbal treatment; Stress management; What Causes Fibroids? Knowing how to eliminate fibroids naturally requires understanding what causes them in the first place. The ... Read More »

Basil (Akoko Mesa) Health Benefits

Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum. If a kitchen has only a few herbs in its possession, basil will likely be one of them. Its fragrant essence combines well with rosemary and thyme in meat dishes, fish, vegetables, cheese, soup and eggs, and is one of the main ingredients in pesto, along with pine nuts and parmesan cheese. Although more than 60 ... Read More »

Super herb “Nunum” and its health benefits

Nigerians call it as Scent leaf (because of its aromatic nature), Cameroon traditional name is masepu, but in Ghana Nunum remains the all time commonest herb ever used by indigence, especially Ashantis and all Akans. In Nigeria, scent leaf is common in all markets; Nigerians use it as a common vegetable in stew and soups. I love the way Nigerians ... Read More »

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